The CHECK_SSH plugin

This plugin checks connections on a remote (or local) ssh host.

Supported parameters are :

  • --hostname/-h [HOSTNAME]: IP or hostname address of ssh server.
  • --username/-u [USERNAME]: Username
  • --port/-p [PORT]: Port, default is 22
  • --password/-P [PASSWORD]: Password
  • --timeout/-t [TIMEOUT]: Timeout in seconds

Usage Example

We will check the connection to an ssh server. We use the following INI configuration style:

  check_ssh : CHECK_SSH --username $ARG1$ --hostname $ARG2$ --port $ARG3$ --password $ARG4$


The following will throw a critical if the connection fails, OK otherwise.

  check_nrpe -n -H my.jnrpe.server -c CHECK_SSH -a  -u ssh_username -h -p 22 -P ssh_password