The CHECK_DISK plugin

This plugin monitors the free disk space on a specified disk.

Supported parameters are :

  • --path/-p [path]: Tells the plugin what filesystem to monitor. On windows this will be in form of 'C:' , 'D:', etc., while on unix it will be a directory.
  • --warning/-w [RANGE]: Instructs the plugin to return a warning state if the percent of free space falls inside the specified RANGE
  • --critical/-c [RANGE]: Instructs the plugin to return a critical state if the percent of free space falls inside the specified RANGE
    Example ranges :
    10: - More free space than 10% 
    :30 - Less free space than 30%
    15:20 - Free space between 15% and 20%.

Usage Example

The following example configures the check so that all the parameters will be passed with the check_nrpe command. This way, you'll be able to use this definition to monitor all the disks.

To configure the check, we can use both the XML or the INI configuration file.

Configuring using the XML configuration style

  <command name="check_disk" plugin_name="CHECK_DISK">
     <arg name="path"  value="$ARG1$" />
     <arg name="warning"  value="$ARG2$" />
     <arg name="critical"  value="$ARG3$" />

Configuring using the INI configuration style

  check_disk : CHECK_DISK --path $ARG1$ --warning $ARG2$ --critical $ARG3$

Any of the parameters ($ARG?$ macros) could be hardcoded inside the JNRPE configuration.


With the following invocation example we will rise a warning if the free space on the '/' directory is less that 20% and a critical if it is less that 5%

  check_nrpe -n -H my.jnrpe.server -c check_disk -a / :20 :5

If you are monitoring a Windows disk, it could be:

  check_nrpe -n -H my.jnrpe.server -c check_disk -a C: :20 :5