JNRPE Plugin package

This package contains all the core plugin packaged with the JNRPE Server. As of current version, the following plugins are included:

  • CheckFile plugin : is a plugin that is able to perform simple controls about files. It could for example check for file existence, file size, file content, etc.
  • CheckDisk plugin : can check the amount of free space of any passed in path.
  • NativePlugin : can execute external executable plugins (i.e. native Nagios plugins)
  • CheckOracle plugin : can perform various checks against oracle databases (aliveness,tablespace usage, etc.)
  • CheckJMX : can perform JMX queries so that JMX result can be monitored with Nagios.
  • TestPlugin : a simple test plugin that can be used to check the JNRPE is correctly installed.
  • CheckUsers : checks the the number of users currently logged in on the local system and generates an error if the number exceeds the thresholds specified.
  • CheckMysql : tests MySQL database connection status
  • CheckMysqlQuery : tests a Msyql query result against threshold levels.
  • CheckPgsql : tests PostgreSQL database connection status
  • CheckProcs : checks system processes and does check against metrics.
  • CheckTime : Checks the time on a specified host.
  • CheckTomcat : checks status of a tomcat instance
  • CheckHttp : tests the HTTP service on a specified host
  • CheckSsh : tests ssh connections on a remote host.
  • CheckPing : use ping to check connection statistics for a remote host