JNRPE Library

The JNRPE library is the heart of the whole JNRPE package. Using this library you will be able to give your application the ability to answer to check_nrpe queries.

A good example of an application embedding JNRPE is the JNRPE Server: it is built on top of this library.

Compiling against jnrpe-lib

The easiest way to compile an application using jnrpe-lib is through the use of maven.

If you don't want to use maven, you have to manually download the dependencies.

Compiling using maven

Create the following directory structure:

  +- src/
       +- main/
           +- java/
  +- pom.xml

and put your sources under the 'java' directory.

Create the pom.xml in the same directory as 'src'.

Edit the pom.xml file according to the maven documentation and insert the following dependency:


as soon as your project is complete, you can run:

  mvn compile package

Custom compilation

If you don't use maven, than you are on your own and you will have to manually download jnrpe-lib and all its dependecies.

You can download those files from here