jcheck_nrpe can be useful if you want to test your JNRPE configuration and you don’t want to compile the check_nrpe sources for your architecture.

It accepts all the same parameters as check_nrpe does and allows you to talk to both JNRPE and NRPE (as with check_nrpe).

Using the command line

The command line is very simple, and accepts the following parameters:

  • -n/–nossl instruct jcheck_nrpe to not use SSL for communication.
  • -u/–unknown instructs jcheck_nrpe to return an unknown status (instead of critical) on connection timeout errors
  • -H/–host tells jcheck_nrpe where to find the JNRPE/NRPE server
  • -p/–port tells jcheck_nrpe which port JNRPE/NRPE is listening to. Defaults to 5666
  • -t/–timeout configure the connection timeout in seconds
  • -c/–command configure the name of the command to be invoked
  • -a/–args The list of arguments to be passed to the JNRPE/NRPE command. All the parameters must separed with a whitespace. This argument must be the last one on the command line.
  • -h/–help shows the jcheck_nrpe command line help


The following samples assumes that inside JNRPE the following command is configured:

    check_test : TEST --text $ARG1$ --status $ARG2$ 

Unix sample

    ./jcheck_nrpe.sh -H -t 10 -c check_test -a HELLO WORLD critical

Windows sample

    jcheck_nrpe.bat -H -t 10 -c check_test -a HELLO WORLD critical